How online experts are getting floods of enquires from ideal clients!!

Make (more) sales from strangers! 

Without working long hours, doing sales calls, or sending cold DM's.

 Discover the 'new way' of online marketing that will create hyper-demand for your offers
 Ignite your power & magnetism online with sales energetics to unleash your inner million-dollar badass & attract ready-to-buy clients

 Online experience with Sales Strategist & Advisor Jade Jemma

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Ready to turbo charge your content, get more serious inquiries and make sales from strangers?
Online marketing has changed

Just "being visible" alone is not enough in 2024.  Many entrepreneurs are currently experiencing changes and if you have too, you may be experiencing one or more of the following:

 Your sales have plateaued for more than 3 months (despite you not working less than before).

 Despite being visible and consistent with showing up online you rarely get people you don’t know enquiring or DM’ing asking how to work with you.

You show up online at least 3 days a week and share your best content, but it often leaves you feeling ignored and unappreciated and doesn’t seem to be creating demand for your offers.

You may have tried

Things you may be doing to try to 'fix' this situation:

Being more visible and sharing even more content

Trying out new platforms or trends to increase your reach and grow your audience

Copying what you see others doing hoping this will work for you too

Why you may be only weeks ago from things changing

Things have and are changing for us all and the 'old ways' of online marketing are becoming less and less effective,

BUT...There is a new way, and it is working really well for those who understand what has changed, why, and what to do.

That is why this year when many are seeing lower launch and sales results my clients are having their best results ever (hello 6-fig cash months, $250k launches, first 5-fig months and selling out first ever online programs without 'live launching!)

You may be thinking how is this possible? 

Here's the thing, this is not my first rodeo, I am 15 years into this (helping guide and develop others to sales success is my jam!)

I've helped thousands of clients over the years (from start-ups, to 7-fig coaches, to Fortune500's) and I love my work and seeing the results, success and freedom my clients get from it.(Plus we have a lot of FUN in my world! )
What you might be wanting

and a few reason why you should join us inside Fast and Ready Buyers!..

More regular sales coming through the door. You are ready for more success, more clients and more opportunities (but you don't want to have to work more, or do anything you don't enjoy to make it happen).

You want your social media content to not just get you likes and comments, but people messaging/DM'ing YOU asking how they can work with you. If you are ready to enter the "send me the link" world, I've got you!

More opportunities. You are so over feeling under valued and seeing others (who let's face it are less qualified, talented and experienced than you!) having more success and getting all the juicy opportunties and best clients. You are ready to take your place on the virtual stage and step into a whole new level of leadership and power.

More fun and freedom: You love your business but know at times it doesn't feel aligned or joyful and would like to be able to create more results without working long hours, endless sales calls, or stressful launches.  You are ready to step into the world of an online business that feels light, fun and spacious (hello big money months working part-time doing what you love!)

and maybe you've heard about Human Design and how Projectors are the 'guides' and you would love to be guided by a successful Projector who is able to see what you can't see, spot the gaps and opportunities and help you create success more efficiently.

What we'll cover inside the program

and why you should join...

1. The 'new way' of online marketing

How to create content that creates demand for what you sell (and does the 'heavy lifting' of the selling for you)

 Why being 'visible' alone is not enough in 2023 and how to create bigger results posting LESS!

How to get fast and ready buyers DM'ing YOU when you show up online.

How to use sales psychology and messaging for effective selling during live launches AND evergreen funnels 

Goodbye endless posting and hello endless sales! 

2. Igniting your million-dollar magnetism!

 Sales is more than strategy and tactics, we'll be diving into the mindset and energetics of creating sales and showing up as a powerful leader

Why how you FEEL about yourself, your offers and selling is affecting your results (and the simple shifts you need to have this working for you)

 How to attract premium clients who pay premium prices with just a few small tweaks

How to not let a lack of results/success affect your future results and instead create a new level of trust in yourself and what is possible.

The mindset shifts that have helped my 6-7 figure clients have their first 6-fig+ launches.

Let's step into your next level self

3. The 'Tactical' needle movers

What social media and content tweaks will quickly move the needle in your business (and the things that are costing you sales you need to stop and DROP!)

The types of sales messaging you need to be using every week to grow your audience.

 The exact things to sprinkle in your content that have people asking for the link (and not just say "you are so inspirational/I love your content!)

Goodbye uncertainty and hello clarity

What's Included

You get all of this inside (plus lifetime access!)

Live training replays with Jade

Jade will be teaching you the 'how' of creating Fast and Ready Buyers

Audio drops

Bite-sized audio drops so you can listen and learn on the go!

Get your questions answered

Watch the Q&A recording with Jade  to hear her answers student questions.

Online community

Access to Jade's online community of entrepreneurs.

Training drops

Bonus training drops to turbo-charge your progress!


Fillable worksheets & frameworks to elevate your success!

Enhanced learning experience

Videos with captions, searchable transcripts and speed control

Lifetime access

Access the trainings in your private members portal after the live experience finishes

Fun focused learning

This program is designed to create a fun, results focused environment!

Hey! I'm Jade 

Sales Strategist & Mentor for online experts who are making waves in their industry and helping make the world a better place, one sale at a time. 


With over a decade of experience and a track record of success in working with industry leaders and brands - from start-ups, to multi 7-figure entrepreneurs, to Fortune500 companies; my sales growth methods are tried, tested and proven to get results. 

My Promise to you

Not only with this experience be fun, but you will leave with a new found passion and energy for sales & marketing and discover proven strategies and frameworks you can use to create faster and bigger results in your business. 

What I bring to the table in experience

15+ years of experience in helping my clients grow their sales and sales teams working with start-ups, 7-fig entrepreneurs and global brands like Fedex, Vodafone and Virgin.

I've been the "secret weapon" behind many 6 and multi-6 figure launches for online leaders and am often training and speaking on sale success online for 7 and 8 figure businesses.

Chosen as a sales specialist mentor and speaker by Virgin for their funded entrepreneurs and am also a 4 year long member of a business group where we work closely with Virgin Unite for impact projects and have spent time with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island.

Trained in advanced sales, marketing and sales management as well as 5 years studying business at University for my BA and MA.

 As a Human Design Projector (SPP 5/1) I am here to guide and lead others to success more efficiently.

Why this is extra special

Firstly I rarely run live programs anymore and I had not done a low-ticket program for AGES before I recently ran Fast & Ready Buyers.

BUT I had a real desire to do this when I was recently in the Bahamas having a quick break before heading to the Formula 1 in Miami for a trip I had won with Thrivecart (who design this software you are ready on) and the rest of their global VIP partners who won the trip.

I then jetted off for a 7 day cruise around the Greek Islands with some of our industries most successful entrepreneurs where we spent days masterminding and discussing what is working best in 2023, and how thing are rapidly changing for us all..

I had not been this excited and energised for ages so this program was recorded at a very exciting time for both my energy and also the recent insights I had had from all these high-level conversations with industry leaders! 

Ready to turbo charge your content, get more serious inquiries and make sales from strangers?
  100% Money-back guarantee
I am proud of over 10 years of happy clients and so confident if after getting inside you don't feel it's worth every penny you paid, we'll give you a "no-quibble" refund!

I got 15 enquires from ideal clients from one post!

During Fast & Ready Buyers I got 15 DM's from ideal clients, I have never had this type of traction before!

Thank you Jade it's been really eye-opening and I felt really supported.

Ashvy Bhardwaj - The Bespoke Doctor
Ready for Fast and Ready Buyers?
Fast & Ready BuyersIncluded
Easy to follow ✔️
Online Training ✔️
Online Community ✔️
Lifetime access ✔️
Current & proven strategies ✔️
Money Back Guarantee ✔️

I got customer enquires within hours of one activity!

After struggling for months I finally got massive clarity on my messaging and direction and after just one activity in Fast & Ready Buyers I got two DM's from ideal clients wanting to work with me! 

I got more clarity inside Fast & Ready Buyers than I ever have had before. Jade is an exceptional mentor and leader, her approach is refreshing, she is supportive, she is encouraging and I cannot wait to work with her further.

 I cannot recommend this program and Jade enough, trust me, you won't regret it!

Fatima Asaan Barnes , Beauty Brand Mentor


 Access this powerful program that will show you how to attract your own Fast & Ready Buyers & create hyper-demand for your programs, courses and services. 

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Hear from some of the recent Fast & Ready Buyers students

"I got more value from Jade inside Fast & Ready Buyers than I had after spending $100,000+ on coaching & courses!" 

- Fatima

"I had 6 messages from ideal clients! I got clarity on my soul mate client which is huge and had mindset shifts"

- Indika

"Fast and Ready Buyers does not disappoint! Practical steps to start making sales, I loved her no nonsense, no fluff style!"

- Ruth

"I haven't had this kind of traction EVER! I got 15 DM's from ideal clients from one task"

- Ashvy

"Jade knows how to overdeliver! The breakthroughs and value inside Fast & Ready Buyers in unprecedented! "


"Jade goes above and beyond with everything she does. My biggest takeaway was around my mindset & how I show up.

- Jen

Your Questions Answered
  • When is this happening?
    Fast and Ready ran live in July 2023. By joining now you'll get instant access to all the trainings so that you can learn at your own pace.
  • What are the times and dates etc?
    All the trainings and Q&A sessions are available now,

    There are training call replays, worksheets and a Q&A replay (plus bonuses!)
  • How long do I have access?
    All the trainings are available for life inside your members portal.
  • What is the format?
    The live experience was a mix of training and learning resources to help make this a valuable, results focused AND fun experience (live calls, online community, worksheets, audio drops, activities and more!)

    Joining now will give you access to the full program
  • Will there be replays?
    Yes this full program is now on replay. You get lifetime access to any trainings/calls and Q&A's so you can follow at your own pace.
  • What types of business/level is this suitable for?
    If you sell a service, or your expertise that requires you using social media/content marketing this is for you. Eg coaches, website designers, yoga teachers, healers, course creators.

    Level wise this is for ALL levels. So if you are brand-new to business, or already at 7-figs this will be a great experience for you to do.
  • Will I get to speak to Jade personally?
    Live support or coaching from Jade is not included
  • Will this help me make more sales?
    Highly likely YES! Jade's programs are a money-making vortex. But your results are down to your action and mindset (which this will help with).

I've had people knocking on my door wanting to work with me!

I joined Fast & Ready Buyers for some fast wins. As a direct result from joining I've had DM's from people saying "YES" I want to work with you! 

 Jade is a very passionate, honest woman and she really does want you to succeed and her knowledge to help you with getting customers is a gold mine

I've had people knocking on. my door wanting to work with me since I joined Fast & Ready Buyers so if you want people knocking on your door too - do it!

Caroline Bramwell - PR and Marketing Mentor